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My Curly Girl Journey

January 20, 2019

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Last year, I shared with you all about one of my biggest insecurities in our Insecurities postΒ – my natural, curly, kinky hair.

Little me and my curls in the natural habitat.

If you didn’t already know, I’m bi-racial (black and white) so I have a very unique hair type and texture. And, while I love my family dearly, growing up with a white family did not allow for much education on my hair.Β I have so many photos as a child with my afro slicked back into puff balls with A LOT of pink lotion in it. (It was the 90’s, but still). As a child, I really didn’t think that much of my hair. Β When I graduated to middle school and then to high school, I belonged to a small percentage of people of color within my friend group. I dreamed of waking up and having hair that was silky, smooth, and straight. Unfortunately, this was not a reality for me. But just because I couldn’t have the hair texture I saw every day in my classroom, didn’t mean I couldn’t treat my hair correctly. It all comes down to this… I didn’t know the basic benefits of a satin pillowcase, coconut oil, or a silk wrap. If you’re confused right now,

let’s get our learning on.Β 

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