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Another blog? Another group of millennial women. We know. We aren’t original.

At least not in that aspect. But we are three best friends, brought together by ex-boyfriends (the only good thing that came out of those relationships), who stayed together through thick and thin. For 8 years, we have worked through long-distance, literally zero distance, heartbreaks, bad jobs, crazy dog choices and so much more.

As we get older, we sometimes wish the person we are now would’ve been around when the person we were 5 years ago needed advice. We hope that if you are where we were, in any similar situations, that maybe we can help. Or we can at least be here to listen! And then we can give advice. Because our advice is great… even if we don’t listen to it ourselves half the time. But what fun is it always being right?


I’m Abby! I’m 23 and reside in good ole’ Memphis, Tennessee. I am a marketing coordinator at a chemicals company. Just spending my days making chemicals sound sexy. I moved from Richmond, Virginia in June 2017, after graduating from VCU.

I am the single one of this trio, so I’m here to provide all the gory details of modern dating. One of us has to take it for the team, or we’d have like a quarter less of good material. Although my ladies have some good stories of their own, that’s for sure. And of course, last but not least, you need to know I have an adorable Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie) pup named Mila.



Hi, I’m Lauren! I’m 24 and currently finding shelter in Richmond, Virginia. I am working as a pharmaceutical development chemist, trying hard to make safety goggles a “look.” I graduated from the University of Virginia in 2016 (go Hoos!), and after working for a period at an animal clinic, I decided to pursue my inner science nerd.



Greetings friends, my name is Jordan. I am a 24-year-old woman who has found herself living in New York City with her handsome boyfriend and even more good-looking labradoodle named Nora. I graduated from VCU with a bachelors in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s studies. Now don’t be like my grandparents and ask me “What can you actually do with that degree?”

Naturally, I was meant to start a blog with two fabulous ladies. I’m currently working as a bartender in Manhattan as well as an employee at Apple, both of which I adore greatly (#hustleandflow). I’m continually navigating through this crazy life and picking up tips along the way. Hopefully some of which will resonate with you, or at least entertain you in the slightest.


Welcome to My Lifelines. My Lifelines is a lifestyle blog filled with stories on empowered women, advice on navigating life, relationships, etc. etc. There’s really nothing off limits to us. You can read each of our Whys behind this blog in our first post.

We want to provide information that’s accessible, aiding, and most of all, entertaining! We’ve stuck together through a lot, and we are extending our lifeline to you. We are here for you. And we love that you are here for us too!

We write about things that we think are affecting you because they are affecting us. But we would love to actually hear it from you. Your stories, your problems, your successes, and your challenges. We are here for it all. So, let’s get to it! <3


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