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Q & A with ALJ

October 28, 2018

1. Where abouts in the US are you all from? @BeeJayAitch

J: I currently live in Harlem, New York City.

L: Richmond, Virginia!

A: I’m in Memphis, TN. But we all lived in Richmond, VA together growing up.


2. How do you guys know each other?! @BeeJayAitch

High school.

A started dating a guy whose best friend was J. So A and J were kinda forced to like each other. It wasn’t hard to do after getting to know each other.

J & L’s boyfriends at the time were friends so that was an easy pairing for them.

L’s boyfriend was friends with A’s boyfriend and L decided to join show choir her senior year, so A’s boyfriend told her to be friends with L (because A had been in it since freshman year).

It all worked out for the best, that is for sure!

Prom 2012


3. Do you all like the same things like clothes makeup home interior and so on? @lovelifelavish

J: I think we have similar interests! It would definitely explain where all of my missing tops have gone (Abby…). But we all have our individual styles in everything that seems to influence one another.

L: I think we all vary in style a little bit, but I couldn’t tell you how exactly because we all manage to borrow each other’s stuff whenever we’re around. Jordan to me is very bohemian while Abby is more girly chic. I would describe my style as casual for the most part, but when I get dressed up I feel best in black and wearing edgier pieces. As far as home interior I love the modern look, but not so much so that it doesn’t look lived in. (I love warm lamps and candles and less keen on weird modern art sculptures and stainless steel everything.) As far as makeup goes, I’m pretty simplistic but do love a good, crazy lipstick every now and again. (:

A: They summed it up well BUT I’d just like to say I only have ONE of Jordan’s shirts!! And it’s been like over a year and a half so I just feel like it’s mine now, ya know…


4. What colour is happy to you? ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 @mindfulmillie1

J: I’ve actually never considered a color to make me happy. And this is going to sound terribly depressing but the color black makes me happy. It’s just a perfect blend of every other color that makes one even, smooth color.

L: 💜 out of those options!

A: Def pink lately 💗💕💗


5. What’s your favourite animal? 🐻🐼🦁🐷🐹🐵🦁🐱🐸 @mindfulmillie1

J: Sea Lions!!! All day every day. They’re so hilarious I could watch them for hours.

L: 🐼 out of those options! But my favorite animal is the cheetah. So cute but so badass.

A: Piggie!!🐷


6. How do you split managing your accounts (blog, twitter, etc)?
…I just wanna know if I’m commenting on the same persons tweets or not @mcwritestuff

Twitter is all Abby so you are solely talking to her haha. Lauren handles Pinterest. We share Instagram. And Facebook is just kind of there? We put our Instagram posts on our Facebook page but it is still 100% a work in progress. If you’re signed up for our bi-weekly newsletters, those are beautifully made by Abby. 

The blog has a calendar we follow and for the most part we split up posts fairly.


7. What’s your weird quirk?

(For best results, let one of the other answer for you, cause you might not see your own weirdness). @mcwritestuff

L: Jordan’s weird quirk is the more she drinks, the more chores she completes. I’ve never met anyone else who will go out clubbing with me until 2 am and then come home and do the dishes. I love her for it but sometimes I just want to sit in my heels and stuff cold pizza in my face but she keeps drunk me motivated!

Abby’s weird quirk is her sleeping conditions. They must be just right! White noise or fan going or else no sleepy for her. She will even wake up if the fan goes off which I just find incredible! She is the first person to run a fan during a sleepover and honestly I was hooked from that day, but I’m not as attached to the noise for sleep as she is!

J: Lauren’s playlists are consistently HYPE. No matter what the occasion. I am the complete opposite and appreciate acoustic covers and ballads more than Adele herself. I can’t tell which one of these is the quirk.

A: Lauren’s quirk is her ability to get out of bed at 10:30pm after sleeping a solid two hours and getting completely “party-time” ready in 30 minutes and then proceeding to have the best night of her life. Once I’m in bed, I’m there for the long haul. I admire her abilities.


8. How do you like working on one blog? @wwgintl

Of course nothing is perfect, but so far we are all definitely working well together. There have been some rough patches where we are figuring each other out in a business sense while also balancing and keeping in mind our friendship. We keep in touch more now over text and Skype than we did before so it’s nice to be able to talk about life and also talk about our plans with the blog.

It’s really fun to see each others creative sides and be able to create something together that seems to make an impact on people who visit our page!


9. Who mostly runs MyLifelines? @jusharpz

With Abby’s control issues (😉) and marketing background, she keeps most of the organization and blog/social media to-dos in order.


10. What are your thoughts on #MeToo? @jusharpz

J: There are a lot of women out there that weren’t able to share their truths with the people that matter most in their life. I think #MeToo is incredibly powerful and is creating a community of women who have experienced certain events that come with a lot of opinions and repercussions. I think it’s important to discuss that just because you don’t share your story on a large, social platform doesn’t mean it’s any less real, important, or brave. And also no assault is ever too small to speak out about. Your story is just as loud and powerful as the woman standing beside you, even if you don’t know the details of each other’s story.

L: I was a lot less “woke” a couple of years ago than I am now, and when the #metoo movement came out, it was shocking and inspiring just how many women I know personally through school, work, etc. started sharing their story because of this movement. Even celebrities have shared their #metoo, which as role models I think opens up conversations in homes and schools that might not have happened otherwise. I think the ability to speak out about your story is so empowering. The #metoo movement allowed survivors to tell their story and feel like they were surrounded by a community of other survivors and other people who were behind them 100%. And I agree with Jordan. Just because you haven’t shared your story on social media, or even out loud at all, doesn’t mean you’re any less brave or strong.

A: I’ve made my position on this pretty clear through some of my previous posts. I think this movement inspired many to talk about their stories and I think it also made many realize that it “wasn’t their fault.” And even if that doesn’t mean they are ready to share, it might mean they are ready to look at it in a different light and start to feel stronger and more in control of it. I think the more we talk about it the more we can make sexual harassment NOT A THING.


11. Do you feel Black people (especially Black Women) should be treated fairly like their White counterparts? @jusharpz

J: I think there’s a huge misconception between equality and “the same.” If Black women were treated as their white counterparts than we would still inevitably be leaving another person of color or a minority out of the equation. For me, It’s all about recognizing each other’s differences and not letting those differences define me for someone else’s stereotype or agenda.

L: I am sad that people would even think about saying “no” to this question. I am all about equality, and there are certain inalienable rights that we should all be entitled to.  

We all come from different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs and that should be celebrated instead of marginalized for being “different.” I think women of color are some of the most strong and fierce because they face more societal challenges each day than I probably have in my lifetime, simply because I am white.  Ideas are best realized when you have a bevy of people from different backgrounds working together. It’s only then that we can see things from other people’s perspectives and true success happens.

A: There is a correct response to this question, and it is obviously YES. The previous responses do a pretty good job of answering it more fully!


12. What does #WomenEmpowerment mean to you? @jusharpz

A: Women Empowerment means everything to me! If you did not read my latest Women Wednesday post, it answers that question and more!! So check it out.

L: To me, women empowering is giving women the support and confidence they need to make their ideas heard and to feel important. Basically, it’s inspiring and enabling women to go from saying “I can’t” to “I can. Watch me.” I definitely think it’s one of the key players in initiating social transformation and I’m so happy to play an active role in the movement.

J: Women’s empowerment to me means women supporting other women. We have been taught to spend way too much time comparing and competing against each other. It took me a long time to be able to meet a woman and drop any preconceived notions of her as well as stop thinking that she’s doing the same thing to me. I love seeing women acknowledging and supporting each other’s super powers.


Thank you all for the questions!! Any other questions for us, comment below! And give us some of your answers to these questions!



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    October 28, 2018 at 6:41 pm

    I feel like I know Abby the most because of Twitter and everything haha but I loved reading about this and getting to know more about you lovely ladies!

  • Reply
    October 29, 2018 at 10:23 am

    Reading a Q and A with three people is way more fun than just one, feels like a massive conversation that I’m a part of!! I love how close you girls are, it makes me happy xxxx

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